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10 Ways to Change Your Mind in 2019

It’s often easy to blame everything that’s going wrong in life on some sort of external factor. Life would be better if only we lost 10lbs, got a new job, had a more helpful partner, had a less nagging mother, had written that book or won that Olympic medal already.

We keep telling ourselves that all we need is more money, time, talent or opportunity, and we find ways to blame things around us when in fact the secret to true change is inside us; it starts in our minds, with how we think.

Do I hear you groan and say you’ve heard it all before? Well maybe it’s time to hear it again, and this time, take it seriously. Your mind has the power to change not just your view of the world, but the way in which the world views you.

Here are 10 simple tips for changing and challenging your mind in the New Year.

  • 01. Prioritize Fun
    There comes a point when we all feel like we are running on empty, weighed down by responsibilities and obligations, we don’t have the energy to get through the day. At this point going out and having some fun may seem counter intuitive, but it is in fact exactly what you need to do. Go out, let loose and just enjoy yourself in whatever way suits you best. Having fun allows you to forget your worries, while also energizing you and giving you the boost you need to return to the daily grind feeling hopeful, happy and mentally refreshed.
  • 02. Get Moving
    In a largely sedentary world, movement can make all the difference. Every time your mind tells you that you are fed up and lazy and need a nap, tell it to get moving instead! Sit up, adjust bad posture, better yet get up and go for a short, brisk walk. Taking a break every 60 to 90 minutes to get off your behind and on to your feet, does wonders for your state of mind.
  • 03. Mind your language
    We are all aware of the effect what we say to others (and how we say it) has. Yet, we are often very unkind when we talk to ourselves. Talk to yourself the way you would talk to someone you truly love. Speak kindly and patiently. Try not to complain and make negative statements about things in your life. Use your words to energize yourself by being intentionally positive and reassuring.
  • 04. Meditate on it
    Great for increasing endorphins and serotonin, for calming your mind and making you feel good, meditation benefits mood, mind, body and spirit. It takes a while to learn how to truly meditate but it’s worth investing the time and effort in learning how to make this simple tool work for you.
  • 05. Laugh out loud
    A friend of mine was a lifelong emotional eater. When asked what other things make her happy, she cited the spa and retail therapy, both of which required too much time and money. A chat with her therapist however revealed that she also loved sketch shows like ‘Whose Line is it anyway’. Encouraged to look for more shows that appealed to her, she discovered a love for SNL. Now, instead of eating, she reaches for her Smartphone and spends a few minutes watching excerpts from her favorite shows. She laughs aloud and often. Not only does she no longer need to comfort eat, she actually needs less comforting in general. The moral of the story? Find the things and people that make you laugh, and spend more time on and with them.
  • 06. Put pen to paper
    Getting your thoughts out of your mind and down on paper can help in several ways. Negative thoughts lose their power once they are out in the cold light of day, while writing down your innermost desires and fears can lead to a greater understanding of yourself, and help reduce mental blocks. Don’t get distracted by the quality of your prose, just take advantage of the cathartic and healing power of putting pen to paper.
  • 07. Look back on happy times
    Do the modern day equivalent of flipping through photo albums; go to where your photographs are stored and scroll through special occasions, holidays, life milestones, and events with family and friends. Be reminded of the lovely people, happy times, amazing experiences and satisfying accomplishments that have been a part of your journey. Allow your mind to relive these times and be renewed by the joy they bring.
  • 08. Go outside
    Few things refresh the mind more than a walk in the fresh air. While said air may be a little hard to find in the city, making an effort to get out of a building and giving your legs, eyes and mind a chance to take in the wonders that nature has to offer will always render a positive result. Spending time with nature makes us more open and empathetic, setting us up to give and receive more, to and from life.
  • 09. Do for others
    Literally take your mind off yourself by getting involved in charity work. Doing something that benefits other people does amazing things for your state of heart and mind. Don’t just donate cash, actually give of your time and effort. This could be anything from volunteering at a charity organization to helping an elderly person cross the road or buying someone in need a hot meal.
  • 10. Challenge yourself
    Decide to do something you’ve never done before. Pick something new or something you’ve always wanted to do. Give yourself a goal and a time line in which to achieve it. A new challenge gives you something to focus on and takes you out of your comfort zone. Something new to do is something new to think about, and may even require a completely new way of viewing the world and your place in it.

Give yourself something good in 2019. Change your life, by changing your mind.


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